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Complete range of Woollen Felt Products - Manufacturer and exporter from India

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We can offer you felt products in very wide range from handmade felt to technical felt . Felt is manufactured from many fibers such as wool is used to manufacturer wool felt , synthetic fiber like polyester is used for making polyester felt and sometimes waste recycled fiber is used in making plushes. Process used for manufacturing felt is many for example like a felt can be woven felt or Nonwoven Felt, felt can sometimes compressed felt or needled felt depending upon the end use and fiber various techniques can used to manufacturer felt .

Woolen felt is available in wide range of specification from soft felt to hard felt; we can offer you thick felt. Engineering felt is manufactured in felt roll form/sheet . Pressed felt can be offered in form of felt strip, felt tape. Compressed felt can also be die-cut into felt washer and felt gasket which is sometimes used as felt insulation , acoustic felt or noise absorbtion pad. Industrial felt is used for many purposes such as sound insulation felt to medicine filter felt, from packing felt to piano felt , it is used for many purpose. Application wise the use of felt is very big it is used as felt duster in schools, decorative felt and felt beads are used with craft felt by many artists all over the world.

For our Coloured felt range we can offer you color felt in many colour like black felt , grey felt. It originally it comes in natural white felt. Our range of felt components is wide . We can offer beveled felt for mirror polishing . Felt wheel / felt disc , felt bob are all used as polishing felt. Our polishing buff products include felt buff , for honing purpose we can offer our honing felt and for filtration use our products such as filter fabric and filter felt perform excellent as compared to woolen cloth and clearer cloth. Our range includes endless felt which is a felt tube sometimes also called as endless clearer cloth, dampening hose, felt sleeve and roller felt. It is a seamless felt used in many textile units as textile felt and felt pipe, felt belt.

Felt are used for shock absorbing, sealing, filtering of medicine, wiping, sometimes it is also used on roller and piano making, we can also offer felt sticker for furniture where it us used as antisqueaking . Other products which we can offer is dampening cloth, felt cloth for industrial purpose industrial fabric and nonwoven fabric which also sometimes used footwear felt. Other items like conductive felt, sizing felt and drumbeater felt can also be offered.

The above mentioned list tells just a few application of felt . felt is also used as antivibration pad, for wicking purpose we can offer felt wick , and for wiping we can offer felt wiper. For sealing we can offer felt seal. Felt fabric is used as saddlery felt and Felt padding. Other products such as felt tool, felt mop, felt rug.

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