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Polishing felt

The porosity our polishing felt wheels makes it possible to holds fine polishing compounds well and maintains its integrity throughout. Our wool Polishing felt is great for polishing we can make into any shape as per your requirement, It is a very versatile material and sometimes dressing stones is also used to reshape the felt thereby increasing its life. Split and beveled laps are generally used by jewelers, a very wide range of hardness is available from soft, medium, hard, rock hard, flint hard. The resiliency of polishing wool felt ensures that the polishing compound uniformly polishes the entire surface. Typical Applications include polishing Jewelry, Windshield Repair, Plastic Part Lines, All Metals, Medical Parts, Fiberglass, Honing Wood Chisels, Plastic Parts, Stone, Glass Polishing , Dental, Worm gear, etc.


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