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Technical felt

Technical felt is a special felt which is used where a specific technical performance is required from wool felt . Technical felt is a special engineered woolen felt manufactured according to very exact specification in order that it can carry out specific technical or engineering functions in its end use.

Technical felt is available in sheets , cut size , according to customers requirement . Technical felt are manufactured from natural off-white/cream colour wool. Color of felt does not affect it performance , Technical felt is also available in grey shade. Technical felt is available in thickness from 3 mm to 50 mm, in densities from 0.18 grams/cm3 to 0.40 grams/gm3. Higher densities are also available. Usual width varies from 1.2 Meters to 1.80 Meters depending upon the thickness and density of felt.

Technical felt can be used in temperature ranging from -40OC to +100OC. Technical Wool felt should offer a near constant coefficient of friction in both dry & wet condition. Other characteristics of Technical felt are wicking / fluid transmission, sealing, vibration and sound absorption, lubricating, flexibility, filter, liner, weather seals, dust shields , insulation , polishing, etc.

Technical felt is used in many industries and for many applications. Technical felt can fulfill an almost unlimited number of functions.

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