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Wool felt

Wool Felt is a unique textile material. Wool Felt is made from Natural sheep wool which can also be blended with other fibers. Wool felt an eco-friendly and Bio-Degradable product. Wool Felt is made of wool fibers where the natural property of wool is used to make felt . Wool fibers gets physically interlocked and entangled with the use of heat , friction and moisture . Wool felt is not stitched , weaved or knitted or thermal bonded.

It can be thick or thin , extra hard to soft , natural off white , grey or can be dyed to color. Wool felt is available in many forms such as wool felt sheet, wool felt roll, wool felt gasket, felt pad, washer, strips, 3d shape, wool felt disc, etc.

The use Wool felt is both in domestic and industrial . For domestic we use wool felt for crafts , under chairs and tables to prevent noise , textile dress fabric , duster , mats , bags , bases , decoration , etc . In Industries we use wool felt as wicking , lubricating , gaskets, washers, anti vibration pad, polishing, buffing, etc.

wool felt can be offered in thickness range 1 mm - 50 mm . Standard Width of wool felt is between 1.2 Meter to 1.8 Meter depending upon the thickness and hardness . wool felt can be soft , medium to extra hard , Density 0.18 to 0.42 grams/cm3 and more .

Wool felt of general thickness can be offered in ready stock. Wool felt can be dyed  to any color as per requirement.

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