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We can offer sheep wool felt in many qualities and wool fiber is available in many quality like rough, fine, similarly we can offer you felt in many grades according to your requirement in fine wool felt, super fine felt, coarse wool felt, rough wool felt, merino felt, etc.

We can offer you cheap felt, economical felt in many grades like A Grade felt, B grade felt. In pure wool felt quality we can offer you 100% wool felt which is also called carbonized felt.

We can offer woolen felt cut piece in many shapes and sizes like die cut felt, square felt, felt ring, tapered felt, 3d felt, joint felt, embossed felt, felt strip, felt washer, felt tape, felt roll, felt pad, felt gasket, etc. We can also offer woolen felt in various types of hardness like soft felt, hard felt.

Felt for dust prevention purpose or dust proofing felt are very effective as felt dust shields where felt seal the area. Pressed felt is also used as felt bearing strips. Felt can absorb oil, water, solvents, etc. This absorbing and lubricating felt is ideal for ink transfer felt, stamp pad felt. Wool felt can also absorb heat & cold. Our heat resistant felt is used in felt gloves and works perfectly as felt insulation.

We can offer compressed felt in many color. Felt fabric can be dyed to any colour as per requirement. Our Colored felt is mainly used in crafts.

Application wise wool felt is used for many purpose such as cleaning felt, marking felt, acid resistant felt, mechanical felt, oil absorbent felt, oil suction felt, machine felt, furnace insulator felt, foundation felt, felt oil wicks, packing felt, anti vibration felt, saddlery felt

Industry wise our technical felt is used in following industries as mining felt, felt for tannery, wire drawing felt, wire enameling felt, automotive felt, orthopedic felt, felt for rotopress, automobile felt.

All wool felt material we offer are biodegradable felt and eco-friendly felt whereas synthetic felt like polyester felt which as basically needled felt / nonwoven felt are anti- biodegradable felt. General purpose felt medium are not rot & moth proofed felt, in order to achieve that we have to chemically impregnated felt with proofing chemicals.

Felt liner are used in doors , in buses as window channeling felt, in rail coaches as lining felt, channel felt, interlining felt. In textile units our embroidery felt & ironing felt is regularly used. Sometimes they also use it as embossing felt or printing felt. In engineering units it is used as engineering felt and for other industrial use it is called industrial felt.

Some domestic uses of woolen felt are table top felt, upholstery felt, floor felt, table underlay felt.

Woven Felt can also be offered in tubular shape. Endless felt, felt belt is used in textile units, bakery units, etc.

Felt is also used for polishing purpose. We can offer grinding felt for polishing and finishing. Felt disk is used as worm gear polishing felt, gravure cylinder polishing felt, glass polishing felt, etc. Polishing felt is available in forms like felt wheel, felt disc, felt tools, felt bob. Wool felt is also used for buffing purpose and for that we can offer our range of felt buff & polishing buff.

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