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Packing felt

Packing felt can be used for simple filling to high cushioning purpose. packing felt are available in various densities from soft , medium to hard.

what can you pack with packing felt ?
packing felt can used as machinery packing, for furniture packing, used in packing parcels, etc.

packing felt is available in all forms from thick rolls, sheets, cut size, pads.

We present our range of packaging felt for various uses both domestic and industrial industrial packaging products . We are exporters of high quality packing felt for various packaging requirements. packing wool felt is made from quality fiber and sophisticated and high production techniques.

our packing felt is superior in quality and ensures effectiveness and delivers high performance when it comes to protecting valuable goods from damages or scratches as they are made from quality fibers . Our packing felt is designed for specific uses and undergo quality control processes. Utilizing our long experience of 20 years in this field and through continuous R&D, we are capable to satisfy various requirements of packing felt through our quality products.

packing felt is made from wool, synthetic, recycled fibers . depending upon the application and budget we can offer you the most accurate material.

We offer one of the largest inventories of packing felt in India. We supply a comprehensive range of high quality packing felt products for various requirements.

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