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felt wheel

Every company has different requirement of felt wheel due to the variety of products , lots of different sizes and finishes as required like square edge felt wheels, split lapping wheel, felt flap wheel  . We can cater to every individual need. Manufactured from white or grey wool, felt wheels are available in many hardness like - soft, medium and hard - and a vast range of diameters and thickness .

Some common applications of felt wheel are to polish glass, glass utensils, crystal, marble, jadeware, furniture, stainless steel plate & parts, polishing plastic outer covering, electronic component, auto polishing, throughout the metal finishing industry including the finishing of aircraft turbine blades, automotive, surgical, cutlery and jewellery sectors

As with all felt polishing wheels, hard felt wheels must be trued by the end user to ensure smooth operation.

The advantages of our Felt Wheel are high quality and economical prices , Our Felt wheel can be used on maximum speed thereby increasing the productivity and the polishing quality. Our Felt wheel has Higher Life and it uses very low quantity of polishing compound and uniformly polishes the product. Wool Felt Wheels is sometimes also referred as Contoured and Flat Felt Buffing Wheels, wool felt wheel, woolen felt wheel, felt polishing wheel.

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