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Saddler felt

We can offer you one of Best Quality felt to be used for saddle pads , equestrian felt, saddle felt pad, saddlery felt, saddler pad or saddle blanket. Common thickness used for saddle purpose are 1/2 Inch , 3/4 Inch , 1 Inch. Wool Felt is recommended for this application because wool fiber can absorb excess moisture, horse sweat and has excellent vibration and pressure absorption properties. Advantages of our saddle felt are Uniform Weight Distribution, Compression Protection & Shock Absorbing, Riding Protection, Wicking Ability, removes Heat Buildup, comfort & fit, durability, ease of cleaning, etc. We can also offer you economical saddle felt pads are which are made of wool blended felt. These equestrian felt pads are very efficient when in use. The resilient properties of wool felt makes itself very appropriate for use as saddler felt. Our saddle wool felt pads provide the best protection and shock absorbing .

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