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Our product range :

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Woollen Felt

Technical Felt

Industrial Felt

Engineering Felt

Compressed Felt



endless felt


Felt Belt

Endless Clearer Cloth

Endless Felt

Felt Sleevespan>



felt tool


Felt Tool

Felt Cones

Polishing Felt

Knife Edge felt



felt gasket


Felt Products

Felt Strip

Felt Washer

Felt Pad

Felt Gasket



conductive felt


Conductive Felt



polishing felt


Polishing Wheels

Felt Bob

Felt Buff

Felt Disc/Disk



damping hose


Dampening Cover

Damper Felt



woolen cloth


Woollen Cloth

Industrial Fabric

Woven Felt



packing felt


Packing felt

Wicking Felt Felt Felt Felt Felt Felt Felt

Felt Roll

Lubricating Felt 



industrial felt


Industrial Woolen Felt

White , Grey , Black Wool Felt

Mining Felt Pad

Tannery Felt Pad

3D Felt

Technical Felts



 drumbeater felt


Felt Seal

Drum Beaters Felt Ball

Felt Components

Oil Seals & Gaskets

Insulating Felt



felt sleeve


Endless Belt

Seamless Felt Tubes

Woollen Felt Pipe

Cylinder Felt Roller Cover

Calendar Felt



felt pebbles


Felt Pebbles

Felt Stones

Felt Ball



felt ring buff


Jewelry Polishing Felt

Felt Ring Buff



knife edge felt


Honing Felt

Knife Edge Felt

Beveled Felt



felt sticker


Felt Sticker

Self Adhesive Felt

Adhesive backed Pad



felt duster


Duster Felt

Blackboard & Whiteboard Cleaners

Chalkboard Eraser Felt



beveled felt


Felt Wheel

Felt Mops

Felt Articles

Beveled Felt



wool felt


Wool Felt

Press Felt

Embossing Felt

Insulation Felt


felt fabric


Coloured Felt

Decorative Felt

Designer Wool Felt

Colored Felt



Acoustic felt



Industrial Wool Felts

Felt Wiper

Automotive Felt

Acoustic Felt



filter fabric


Display felt

Designer Wool felt

Notice Board Cloth

Table Top Felt Fabric



nonwoven fabric


Nonwoven Fabrics

Filter Cloth

Filtration fabrics

Woollen Filter fabric

Polyester , Synthetic Felt



saddlery felt


Saddlery felt

Wicking Felt

Equestrian felt pad

Thermal Insulation Felt

Piano Felt



synthetic felt


Furnace Seal

Felt Lining

Nonwoven Needle Punched Felt

Felt Insoles

Interlining Felt



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