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felt seal

our wool felt seal has high splitting resistance, it is durable and resilient. For filtration purpose our felt seal is very effective, it can filter small particles, and for filtering very small particles it can be dipped into lubricants. Our wool felt seals keeps the exact sealing pressure which is required for cushioning purpose. Compared to other rubber products our felt seal can work in very low temperatures. Our felt seal for ball and roller bearing use serves dual purpose as dust & dirt prevention and retaining lubrication. Felt has long been used for sealing duties because of numerous favourable properties such as wicking and oil absorption properties, if the felt seal becomes dry it will polish & protect the shaft rather than causing the damage. These characteristics in our felt seal makes it ideal for use compared to other available products. woolen felt seals are used as Door Seal felt, Dryer Seals, Dust Seal felt, Roller Bearing Seals, felt Oil Seal ring, furnace seal,etc.

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